💎16 Color LED Crystal Rose Table Lamp

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💎16 Color LED Crystal Rose Table Lamp

💡Brilliant Design

The diamond bedside lamp has a novel and unique design, which can emit light in multiple directions, elegant and delicate, and not dazzling.

💡16 color transformation

This product can change 16 colors through the remote control or touch.

💡Multiple Light Sources

3 light colors temperatures, with a touch switch design, intimate and convenient, the light is delicate, comfortable, and natural.

 💡Charging Indicator

2000mAH large battery can last up to 5 hours+, USB charging with protection device, it can automatically power off when full to protect the battery.

💡Transparent Lamp Body

The finest new acrylic material, the lamp body is transparent.

💡Touch-type Step-less Dimming

The sensitivity of the light is adjustable (yellow light, white light, and warm light) to praise.

16 Color LED Crystal Rose Table Lamp BY Acquaintk
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